Porridge Bowl

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This is what you get:
  • Practical markings - Ciao scales and measuring cups
  • Ideal addition to our porridges (diameter: 14 cm, capacity: approx. 300ml)
  • Simple design and high-quality porcelain
  • Dishwasher safe
Size: 1 x bowl

Clean ingredients

Without industrial sugar

Happy you. Happy planet

Prepare delicious porridge very easily

This bowl saves time and dishes: measuring cups and scales? Superfluous! The markings on the inside show exactly how you can easily measure 50g of oatmeal and 150ml of liquid by hand - the perfect amount for the just right breakfast. The mixture goes into the pot or in the bowl directly into the microwave. Preparing porridge couldn't be easier.

Inspo from the Oaty community

Our 3Bears promise to you.

We founded 3Bears in 2016 because we were frustrated by how much sugar was hidden in so many foods. We brought porridge to Germany because for us it makes the perfect, wholesome breakfast. You can now get pretty much everything related to oats from us: overnight oats, bars, granola and accessories. And you can trust us to always stick to our principles. There is no industrial sugar or additives in our products, they are always 100% plant-based and sustainability is deeply rooted in us.

Yours Caro & Tim

Support our start-up with your purchase!

At 3Bears you get premium products from people for people. Caroline and Tim, a German-British couple, founded 3Bears in 2016. There are now just over 20 enthusiastic people working in our office in Munich and doing everything they can to ensure that you can enjoy great Oats products every day.

We are making a difference.

For our environment. For all of us.

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