3Bears in stores

You can find 3Bears in the supermarkets here

You can buy 3Bears products not only in our online shop, but also in many supermarkets and retailers. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on where to buy 3Bears or great deals! By the way, we're also happy to receive impressions from your favorite market - share these genes in our social media communities! Are you still missing Bears in your market? Feel free to give us feedback and we will do our best to place our products there soon.

Here you can find our 400 g porridge (selected varieties)

AEZ | budni | Edeka | Feneberg | Globe | HIT | Kaufland | Karstadt | MyReal | Müller | REWE | tegut | V market


Here you will find our 350 g organic porridges (selected varieties)

dm | Edeka | Müller (Kids Porridge only)

Organic porridge

Here you can find our oat bars (selected varieties)

AEZ | Edeka | Feneberg | Globe | Kaufland | Karstadt | MyReal | Müller | Rewe | V market

Pocket porridge

You can currently find our granola here

Globe | Kaufland | Rewe | Müller | Consumption Dresden


Here you can find our products in Austria

Dm (Overnight Oats & Granola) | Müller (400 g Porridge Classic, Pocket Porridge & Granola) | Spar (organic porridges)

Here you can find our products in Switzerland

Coop | k kiosk | Migros

Our products are also available at selected gas stations and even in some airlines

Esso | OMV | Rewe to Go | Total | Condor | Lufthansa | TUI

Couldn't find us in your market?

Feel free to give us feedback on this and we will endeavor to ensure that 3Bears is placed in your market soon! Simply fill out the form with the necessary information and our field service will get to work as quickly as possible. On your next visit, please speak directly to the store manager or an employee about missing 3Bears products - this will definitely help you achieve a possible placement 😉

Please note that we cannot give you an exact time frame, as each market decides independently on the placement of our products.