Overnight Oats

Cool and Creamy

It couldn't be easier: fill overnight oats
with (plant-based) drink, milk, yogurt or
quark into a glass and leave to swell


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01_OO-Lover-Set_Hauptbild_7000615#Ausführung Glas_standard glas lifestyle
Overnight Oats Lover Set
Sale priceFrom CHF 31.99
Overnight oats set lifestyle
Overnight oats set
Sale priceCHF 39.99 (CHF 2.00/100g)
01_OO-Edle-Erdbeere_Hauptbild_7000703 #size_400g Overnight oats – noble strawberry
Overnight oats – noble strawberry
Sale priceFrom CHF 8.99 (CHF 2.25/100g)
01_OO-Bananensplit_Hauptbild_7000481 #size_400g 3
Overnight oats – banana split
Sale priceFrom CHF 8.99 (CHF 2.25/100g)
01_OO-Eiskaffee_Hauptbild_7000499 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – iced coffee type
Sale priceFrom CHF 8.99 (CHF 2.25/100g)
01_OO-Goldene-Mango_Hauptbild_7000410 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight Oats – Golden Mango
Sale priceFrom CHF 8.99 (CHF 2.25/100g)
01_OO-Koko-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000411 #size_400g lifestyle
Overnight oats – coconut cocoa
Sale priceFrom CHF 8.99 (CHF 2.25/100g)
Save CHF 4.00
Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio
Overnight Oats Gläser-Trio
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Overnight oats jar
Sale priceCHF 16.00
Overnight oats jar Overnight oats jar
Overnight oats jar
Sale priceFrom CHF 15.00
01_OO-Glas-Community_Hauptbild_8000101 #Ausführung Glas_1 glas - standard karton top
01_OO-Glas-schwarz_Hauptbild_8000048 #Ausführung Glas_1 glas - standard karton lifestyle
Overnight oats jar
Sale priceFrom CHF 9.99
Overnight Oats Jar - Replacement Lid Overnight Oats Jar - Replacement Lid

Discover 3Bears Overnight Oats: The special breakfast that makes itself while you sleep

Overnight oats aren't just oatmeal - they're a breakfast revolution! At 3Bears, we've taken this revolution to a whole new level. Find out why our overnight oats are so special and how they can transform your morning into an incomparable treat.

What are Overnight Oats?

Overnight oats are an innovative and practical breakfast option that involves soaking oatmeal in liquid (e.g. milk or yogurt) overnight. This gentle preparation allows the flavours and texture of the oat flakes to develop, resulting in a creamy yet chewy breakfast. The best part? You can enjoy them straight from the fridge in the morning or take them with you to have breakfast on-the-go.

Why should you eat overnight oats?

  1. Wholesome and Nutritious: Overnight oats are an excellent source of fibre and protein that keep you full for a long time and stabilise your energy levels.
  2. Time saving: It only takes a few minutes to prepare in the evening, and in the morning you have a ready-made breakfast to prepare you for your day.
  3. Versatile: You can make overnight oats to suit your taste. Add fruits, nuts, seeds or spices to personalise your breakfast.

Why are 3Bears Overnight Oats so special?

  1. Unique Varieties: At 3Bears we have developed a fine selection of unique overnight oats varieties. Our flavours range from fruity-fresh to creamy-sweet – there is something for every taste.
  2. Made in Germany: Our overnight oats are manufactured and selected with the greatest care in Germany to ensure the highest quality.
  3. No Industrial Sugars: We believe in the natural sweetness of fruits and therefore, completely avoid industrial sugar in our products. You can rely on wholesome, genuine taste.
  4. 100% Vegan: Our overnight oats are 100% vegan, making them suitable for all dietary preferences.
  5. Lots of Fruit: We love fruit and that's why you'll find particularly generous pieces of fruit in our overnight oats, which give your breakfast a fresh and fruity kick.

Re-explore the world of overnight oats with 3Bears and experience breakfast enjoyment in a completely new way. Order today and look forward to a delicious morning that will prepare you perfectly for the day.