Porridge preparation

Or: how to make the best breakfast in the world

Oat flakes, a little liquid and your imagination – these three components, topped with delicacies of your choice, turn into stunning porridge creations in no time. The best thing about it: delicious porridge is not only nutritious, but also quick to prepare. See for yourself how easy it is to prepare porridge and learn the best tips to cook the world's best porridge right in your kitchen. Our how-to videos make it even easier for you.

How do I prepare porridge?

Traditionally, porridge is heated with oatmeal and milk or water in a pot on the stove. In Scotland, where porridge comes from, people simply added a pinch of salt to the pure porridge - and then the spoon fun could begin. Today, the superfood is not only enjoyed by more and more breakfast fans, but has even conquered the world's star kitchens.

Did you know that we have working families in the Scottish Highlands to thank for the uncomplicated but sophisticated oat meal? They were surrounded by oats, which grow particularly well in cold, wet climates, and quickly discovered how nutritious and filling cooked oatmeal is. And that's not all that makes our favorite meal so exciting. You can read everything there is to know about porridge here .

The basic porridge recipe – the beginning of a wonderful oat friendship

In order to be able to prepare oatmeal correctly, we will now tell you the original porridge recipe. Don't worry: you probably don't need to print out the instructions for the porridge recipe - because real fans can quickly master it even in their sleep. That's because it's so simple.

Take a few minutes to get to know the basic recipe and then let our diverse porridge ideas with instructions, pictures and videos inspire you to create your own creations.

Basic porridge recipe

1, 2, 3 – no more steps are necessary to turn oatmeal into delicious porridge.


Place oat flakes (50g) and liquid (150ml water, milk or plant-based drink) in a pot.


Bring the oat mixture to the boil briefly and let it thicken over low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 3 minutes.


That's it! Put your porridge in a bowl, let it steep briefly and the stage is set for toppings of your choice.

How do I cook porridge on the stove?

In just three steps and a few minutes of your time, you can create the basis for all your oat creations. You can then refine your porridge and let your preferences and mood guide you - regardless of whether you fancy a hearty porridge breakfast, a sweet oat dessert or a lunch option.

Porridge from the Thermomix

Do you like to leave the cooking to your Thermomix? Then try this out:

Put 50g porridge in the mixing bowl. Add 150ml milk, vegetable drink or water. Cook the porridge for 5 minutes at 70°C on level 2. Pour the porridge into a bowl and serve with toppings of your choice.

Are you looking for a delicious porridge recipe with special sophistication? Oat fans will find enough inspiration in our recipes. This means you won't get bored while preparing porridge.

To the porridge recipe ideas

Does porridge have to be cooked?

Is it better to enjoy porridge cold or warm? There is only one rule when it comes to porridge: everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. You can cook porridge, but you don't have to limit yourself to the stove - you can also cook oatmeal in the microwave. And even without cooking, porridge is a pleasure.

How to make porridge in the microwave?

- Mix your porridge with milk, water or plant-based drink in a bowl
- Now heat the porridge in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes on medium heat (600 watts).
- Stir once - then put it in the microwave for another minute
- Let it steep briefly until your porridge has reached its ultimate creaminess and top with your favorite toppings.

Porridge without cooking

You can prepare porridge without a stove or microwave by following our Breakfast (Club) tip and trying overnight oats: Mix your porridge with cold water, milk, plant-based drinks or yoghurt. Instead of going on the stove, it goes into the fridge. The ingredients come together overnight and a healthy and extremely creamy power breakfast awaits you the next morning. Like slow food, only without the extra effort.

Oatmeal breakfast without cooking

With overnight oats, the joy of breakfast porridge begins the evening before. Does porridge taste just as good when prepared cold as when cooked? We suggest: try it out and judge for yourself!

Everything about overnight oats

Porridge ingredients and how to get the most out of them

You now know the most important ways to prepare porridge and the really simple basic recipe. But only with the right ingredients can porridge become a porridge feast. The two basic components already have an influence on the final result: The choice of oat flakes and the liquid determines the consistency and the type of preparation.

Which oat flakes belong in the perfect porridge

There are differenttypes of oatmeal . They are created through different processing processes and ensure that your porridge, for example, becomes particularly creamy or still has a pleasant bite after cooking. Oatmeal can also be mixed.

Hardly any other nutritious food makes it so easy to perfectly suit your individual taste. By the way, the unmistakable taste of 3Bears is no coincidence: We searched for the perfect oat flakes and tried out a number of mixing ratios. You can read about what’s in 3Bears and where our oat flakes come from here .

Porridge with milk or water – or something completely different?

One of the essential porridge ingredients is liquid. The type of liquid that causes your oatmeal to swell is entirely up to you.

There are three typical variants:

Porridge with milk: Oatmeal with milk tastes full-bodied and creamy. Of course, it doesn't have to be cow's milk - porridge with soy milk, almond milk, oat or coconut drink is just as delicious and fills even lactose-sensitive bellies.

Porridge with water: Porridge was originally cooked with water. Some porridge lovers find this variant to be less flavorful compared to porridge with milk. Who knows, maybe this pure taste is exactly what tickles your taste buds?

Porridge with yogurt: Is it also possible to make porridge with yogurt instead of milk? If you choose the overnight oats version without cooking, you can easily soak your oat flakes in yogurt. If the porridge is too thick the next morning, simply add a little water.

The crowning glory: What can you eat porridge with?

The question is more like, what can't you eat with porridge? Anything goes when it comes to toppings for your oat meal. Be creative! You can refine your porridge with linseeds , give it an exciting crunch with nuts and enjoy it particularly sustainably with seasonal fruits.

With cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, honey, coconut blossom sugar or agave syrup, the porridge always gets new flavors. A spoonful of yoghurt, quark, skyr or a nut butter ensures a change in consistency. The main thing is that you have fun trying out new combinations - like we do! We are always developing new recipe creations that we are happy to share with you.

Extra tip: Try adding a savory flavor to your porridge .

How much porridge for one person?

Tastes and bodies are different – ​​fortunately. The only downside: It's impossible to determine the perfect amount of porridge per person. A portion that fills one person up might make another person “hangry.” In addition, a porridge becomes much creamier when there is more liquid involved. The only thing that helps is experimenting to find which porridge portion size best suits your needs.

How much milk and oatmeal do I need?

However, we don't want to let you go without a tip. Because what we can tell you is the ideal porridge ratio - i.e. the amount of oat flakes and liquid that is necessary to ensure that the porridge is not too liquid or too solid.

Rule of thumb for porridge

1 portion of porridge = 50g or 5tbsp oat flakes + 150ml liquid

Overnight rule

Overnight oats have more time to swell and therefore require a little less liquid:

1 portion of overnight oats = 50g oat flakes + 100 ml liquid

What nutritional values ​​does my porridge have?

Are you looking for precise information about porridge calories? Finding an answer is not that easy, because oat flakes can be combined in many different ways. Every porridge is different. After all: With every 3Bears variety, the porridge portion has less than 200 kcal when prepared with water and will leave you full and satisfied for hours.

Porridge tips for the perfect oat meal

Use high-quality ingredients: With porridge, you decide what goes into it. The higher quality the ingredients, the better the result. Don't just use sustainable products for your toppings, but also for your oat flakes - the Oat Heroes from 3Bears, for example, do not contain any sugar - we're sweet enough.

The oat flakes make the porridge: The porridge consistency does not depend largely on your cooking skills - depending on how the oats are processed into oat flakes, the end result is more hearty or melt-in-your-mouth. For the mixtures in our online shop, we combine tender and hearty oat flakes - so the porridge ends up nice and creamy and retains a pleasantly crunchy bite.

Tease everything out of the porridge: a pinch of salt emphasizes the taste of your oat creation, oat drink gives it a natural and subtle sweetness. The more often you cook oatmeal and the braver you are when making porridge, the faster you will discover what is possible with oatmeal.

Porridge without a stove: How long should you let oatmeal soak? The longer you soak oatmeal, the better. Oats contain phytic acid, which binds minerals, making it a little more difficult for the body to absorb these valuable substances. With the soaking time, the phytases loosen up and the minerals have free rein.

Save time and prepare porridge a day in advance: If you have to get out very early, you can save time in the morning and prepare the porridge in the evening - ideally in a stylish overnight oats jar .

Bonus tip from Caro

"Especially with overnight oats, in addition to oat flakes, I like to add a few seeds, such as 1 tablespoon of ground linseed. This way, the oats provide even more fiber and energy. In this case, however, you need a little more liquid so that the seeds can swell."

How long do oatmeal need to cook? How long you should cook porridge depends on the oat flakes you use. Basically, a few minutes are enough. In contrast to soaking, more is not necessarily better here. Cooking has no effect on the phytase content.

How does porridge become creamy? When preparing porridge, the creaminess depends primarily on the oat flakes and the liquid. Delicate oat flakes ensure a maximum creamy porridge feeling in the mouth. When cooking, the porridge becomes particularly smooth if the temperature is not too high and you give the oat flakes some time in the pot.

My porridge doesn't set! If the porridge is too runny, it helps to add a scoop of oat flakes on top. However, it is better to use a tablespoon instead of the scoop.

Can you reheat porridge? There is no harm in reheating the porridge. But it's much better not to let it cool down at all. If you have a long day at the office or want to take a source of energy with you for your next mountain tour, you can pre-cook your porridge and enjoy it hours later - no matter where your adventures take you. The easiest way to enjoy warm porridge without having to warm it up is with a porridge thermo mug .

Porridge preparation in a thermo mug

With our thermo mug, porridge makes itself almost by itself, as it eliminates the need for a measuring cup, pot or microwave: simply mix a lid of oatmeal with two lids of hot liquid in the cup - after about 45 minutes the porridge will have reached exactly the right consistency.

In our videos we have summarized even more interesting information for the perfect porridge. If you read our blog regularly, you will never miss a food trend.

How good is a ready-made porridge mix?

If you want to get started with porridge, be surprised by new flavors or save some time in the kitchen, a ready-made porridge mix is ​​just right for you.

Ready-made porridge from 3Bears contains everything you need to enjoy nutritious porridge and makes no secret of the ingredients. Each of our ready-made mixes contains 100% whole grain oats and of course fruit sweetener. The whole thing is completely vegan and Made in Germany.

Prepare ready-made porridge

Basically, the porridge preparation remains the same even with a ready-made porridge mixture. The difference is: taste and natural sweetness are already on board and just need to be activated with a liquid of your choice.

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