When we started in 2016, people thought porridge was a vegetable.

Back then, we were already convinced that porridge was one of the best ideas for a healthy and delicious breakfast - but unfortunately we couldn't find anything good on the market. All products were either full to the brim with industrial sugar or, in the best case scenario, tasted like nothing. That's why we started making our own porridge.

Producers we approached at the time couldn't understand why we wanted to get involved in the recipes. The big brands usually stay out of it. We were told back then: “So much fruit? Without added sugar? That makes no sense. That doesn't pay off. That's crazy. Nobody does that.”

We did it anyway. Why?

Because we first think about quality and taste - and then how much it costs. We don't want to question any ingredient if we want to keep it in our porridge because it tastes better. And we don't use refined sugar like so many people do - just because it's so cheap.

We like to work with people who share our self-image, believe in our ideas and whom we trust. Like our miller from the Black Forest. What a guy! He is the third generation to run his family's mill, always has an open ear for us and is fully committed.

So our approach is still the same. We make porridge the way we like it best. And we love good porridge!

We want to make our friends, families and children proud of what we do and want them to be fans of our products. We pay attention to our planet and do a lot to keep our impact as small as possible. How? With a sense of responsibility, quality and taste, without any frills or processed sugar – we are sweet enough!

We are the only company that only produces porridge-related products.
We are the porridge company – and we want to be the best in the world!

Our porridge tastes good and is full of good ingredients. It gives your body important nutrients and the power it needs so that you feel good and can experience a lot.

In short: It is the perfect feel-good food for your daily adventures.

The name "3Bears"

The name "3Bears" has its roots in a 19th century British fairy tale - Goldilocks and the Three Bears . All children in Britain know and love the story of the bear family and the little girl.

Once upon a time there was a family of three bears who lived in a hut deep in the forest. One morning the mama bear cooked porridge for breakfast. But the porridge was still too hot to eat. So the three bears went for a walk in the forest. While they were away, a little girl who was lost in the woods came across the bear hut. Her name was Goldilocks. Curious, she knocked on the door, but no one answered. So she walked in and saw three bowls of warm porridge on the kitchen table. She tried the first porridge. "Too sweet!" she cried loudly. She tasted the second bowl. "Too mushy!" she complained. Then she tried the third bowl. "Exactly right," she murmured with a smile and ate it all.

In keeping with this little story that many British children, including our founder Tim, grew up with, our goal has become to create a porridge that is just right. For Goldilocks, the three bears and for you.