Oat Bars

Oat Bars

Ideal as a snack in between,
for the office, school or the
gym – and they fit in every bag.


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Oat bar set lifestyle
Oat bar set
Sale priceCHF 34.99 (CHF 5.30/100g)
01_PP_Dreierlei-Nuss_Hauptbild_7000501 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – three kinds of nuts
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)
01_PP_Feiner-Kakao_Hauptbild_7000335 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – fine cocoa
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)
01_PP_Zimtiger-Apfel_Hauptbild_7000235 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat Bars – Cinnamon Apple
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)
01_PP_Dreierlei-Beere_Hauptbild_7000237 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – three kinds of berries
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)
01_PP_Mohnige-Banane_Hauptbild_7000236 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat Bar – Poppy Banana
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)
01_PP_Edle-Erdbeere_Hauptbild_7000336 #size_1 Riegel lifestyle
Oat bars – noble strawberry
Sale priceFrom CHF 4.00 (CHF 7.27/100g)

Discover the magic of the 3Bears Pocket Porridge oat bars: full-fledged enjoyment on the go

Our 3Bears Pocket Porridge Oat Bars are a true masterpiece of convenient nutrition. We have created a product that is not only delicious, but also unique and versatile. Find out why our oat bars are so special and how they can keep your life moving.

Why are 3Bears Pocket Porridge oat bars so special?

  1. Unique varieties:Our oat bars are not like the others. They are peppered with a selection of incomparable flavors that are both fruity and soft and robust at the same time. From delicious strawberry to apple cinnamon, every bite is a feast for the senses.
  2. Made in Germany:Our oat bars are manufactured and selected in Germany with the utmost care to ensure the best quality.
  3. Without industrial sugar:At 3Bears we believe in the natural sweetness of fruits. That's why we completely avoid industrial sugar in our oat bars.
  4. 100% vegan:Our oat bars are 100% vegan, making them a great choice for a variety of dietary preferences.
  5. Lots of fruit:The generous amount of fruit pieces in each bar gives your snack a refreshing and natural touch. With our bestsellers Three Kinds of Nuts and Fine Cocoa, however, you get a lot of nuts and cocoa!

Always have the right snack with you. A balanced lifestyle can be that simple.
Our oat bars offer a healthy alternative to traditional snacks that are often loaded with empty calories and sugar. They are the ideal choice if you are on the go or in the office need a healthy boost of energy.

Where are oat bars useful?

  • At work:If you need a quick and sustainable snack in the office, our oat bars are perfect. They keep you energized during a long day at work.
  • Home office:Even if you work from home, our oat bars are a practical snack in between.
  • University:Students often have hectic schedules. Our oat bars are an ideal companion for long days on campus.
  • Sports:Before or after training, our oat bars offer a complete source of energy to increase your performance and support recovery.
  • Hike:Out and about in nature? Our oat bars are easy to transport and provide you with the energy you need for your adventure.
  • As a breakfast substitute:When time is short, our oat bars are a great choice to fuel you in the morning.
  • For children:Children love the fruity taste of our oat bars and parents can be sure that they are enjoying a good snack.

Our 3Bears Pocket Porridge oat bars are the answer to wholesome snacking on the go. Try them today and experience the perfect combination of taste and health. Make your life on the move even more delicious!