Our Favourite Picnic Recipes

Unsere liebsten Picknick Rezepte

Whether in the mountains, on the meadow, or simply on the cool lake... a day in nature is simply wonderfully relaxing and totally rejuvenating.

A trip into the countryside with your dearest friends, lots of fun - and a really tasty and light picnic will be really great. You don't need much - the large blanket is packed up, cups, cutlery and drinks are put in a basket and your favourite snacks are quickly prepared, and off we go!

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Strong Berry Smoothie

Our favourite picnic treat, which doesn't require much effort and can be transported spill-free in our chic 3Bears Overnight Oats jar , is the powerful berry oat smoothie . Red berries such as raspberries or currants not only exude a sunny summer mood. So let’s get to the power berries!

As an alternative to the smoothie, you can simply soak our 3Bears oat flakes with milk overnight the evening before the trip and make so-called overnight oats . Our oatmeal. The next morning, mix the overnight oats mixture with mixed frozen berries, acai powder, chia and agave syrup. 

Low calorie berry smoothie

Sweet Berry Tart

Those of you with a sweet tooth are definitely looking forward to a wonderfully sweet dessert. What could be nicer than feasting on a delicious oat and berry tart at the end of your picnic?

The little tarts are very easy to prepare and bake up quickly in the oven until they are wonderfully crispy - with our 3Bears Cinnamon Apple , the sweet treats are really easy!

Berry tarts yogurt

So: Grab your friends and your picnic basket – and then get out into the fresh air!

You can find even more porridge power in our Sample package and on our recipe page .

We wish you a wonderfully delicious and light summer, dear ones!

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