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Gingerbread Overnight Oats

Lebkuchen Overnight Oats

Even in the hectic run-up to Christmas, the start of the day should be something special. How about a festive touch for your breakfast? Our Christmas overnight oats recipe with iced coffee and gingerbread spice will transform your morning routine into a festive celebration.


Overnight oats gingerbread



50g Overnight Oats type Iced Coffee
100ml Milk or Plant-based drink
Ginger Bread Spice

For the cream:
100g Low-Fat Quark
25g Greek Yogurt
Hazelnut Butter
Optional: sweetener of your choice

For the reindeer antlers:
Dark Chocolate



Pour overnight oats type iced coffee, some gingerbread spice and milk into the overnight oats glass and stir. Refrigerate the overnight oats for at least 6 hours or overnight. Mix the low-fat quark with the Greek yogurt and some gingerbread spice. Optional: add sweetness of your choice. The cream can be spread over the overnight oats with a piping bag or simply with a spoon.

Decorate with hazelnut butter and grated chocolate.
For the reindeer antlers, melt dark chocolate. Draw the antlers on baking paper from the back with a pen. “Paint” the melted chocolate on top (preferably with a small piping nozzle). Place briefly in the freezer until the chocolate is solid. Now you can decorate the overnight oats with it.

Overnight oats gingerbread


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