Green Breakfast Smoothie

Grüner Frühstücks-Smoothie

The summer vacation weeks are slowly but surely coming to an end and everyday life is starting again. Whether it's everyday work or the new semester - we all have more to do and less time to cook or enjoy a delicious breakfast. What our guest blogger Bika is always happy about in such situations is inspiration for a quick delicious breakfast that can best be enjoyed on the go. She would like to give you such inspiration today with her green breakfast smoothie. The oat flakes and dates it contains make you feel full and give you energy for the day.

Preparation time: 15 minutes


1 banana
50g frozen leaf spinach
2 tbsp 3Bears Porridge A hearty classic
3 dates
1/2 pineapple
2 tbsp water


  1. First, heat the spinach in the microwave for a minute.
  2. Meanwhile, roughly chop the fruit and put everything together in your smoothie blender.
  3. Mix everything well until every last lump is pureed and enjoy on the go or at home.

Don't have much time in the morning? Then I have another tip for you: Since the smoothie tastes best cold anyway, prepare it in the evening, put it in the fridge overnight and take it with you to work in the morning. On the weekend or if you have more time to treat yourself to a relaxed breakfast in the morning, you can also prepare the smoothie as a smoothie bowl, like I did here, and with a few additional oat flakes, chopped nuts and chia seeds and decorate with fruits. And if you've bought too many fruits and don't know when you'll make your next smoothie, cut them all into pieces and freeze them. This means your next smoothie is even quicker and you no longer have to put it in the fridge overnight.

Starting the day with the same smoothie over and over again gets boring at some point, so I have a few alternative fruit tips for you. How about, for example, a mango instead of half a pineapple? Or with a few extra berries? Of course, you can also leave out the spinach and replace it with a few kiwis instead. Powders such as matcha or Açai can also be added. There are so many ways to get creative with this and I hope that I was able to inspire you with this recipe.

About the guest author

This fabulous blog post comes from our guest blogger: the extremely strong Bika . Bika is currently a student and uses her free time to read, draw, cook, bake and create recipes. On her Instagram account @bikabee she shares her creations and recipes.


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