Cooking and Baking with Porridge: Our 10 most extraordinary recipes

Kochen und backen mit Porridge: Unsere 10 aussergewöhnlichsten Rezepte

In this blog article we have collected our 10 craziest, most unusual and special recipes. Of course, as always, it remains delicious, simple and quick and you can copy all the recipes in no time with our 3Bears Porridge varieties . But, these recipes are just right for you if you like to be surprised by new ideas beyond porridge - and also want to conjure up something hearty or want to get to know new flavours like Tonka.

From spicy oat and wild garlic waffles and hearty avocado porridge to a real highlight dessert, everything is here!

Therefore: let yourself be enchanted by the variety and try out one of our recipes – have fun with it!

By the way, we are always incredibly happy to receive feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! So feel free to leave us a comment, contact us ( ) or share your great porridge moments on Instagram and Facebook @3bearsporridge



1. Trend recipe: Scones with raspberry frosting

Dear Daniela and Heiko conjured up this fabulous recipe and together they run the vegan enjoyment blog “Teekesselchen”. Our co-founder Tim naturally welcomed these delicious scones because this recipe is “very British”. Just like Tim, scones come from the British Isles. They are a pastry that you can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea in the afternoon. We'd say put on a kettle of tea, grab our 3Bears Porridge and whip up your own tasty scones.


2. Goldilocks in the Berry Forest

The following recipe was created specifically for the German Porridge Championship. "Goldilocks in the Fir Forest (1837)", in keeping with the fairy tale that inspired our name 3Bears, competition finalist Andreas conjured up a fabulous recipe for the Golden Porridge Bowl. Woodruff, wild berries, walnuts & white chocolate... he not only took the audience into the forest with the taste, but he also accompanied his porridge presentation with the appropriate sounds of nature: creative and wonderfully tasteful at the same time!


3. Crispy waffles with wild garlic and oat flakes

In keeping with the theme, our guest blogger used wild garlic for the green colour of the waffles - you just have to stay true to the bear family. Since the waffles weren't green enough despite the wild garlic used and there was still a lot of wild garlic left, a spread was quickly conjured up from the rest. This also tastes fabulous as a spread or vegetable dip.


4. Vegan Turmeric Porridge – better than Golden Milk

3Bear's hearty classic can be wonderfully combined with coconut milk. Whether in the pot or in the microwave, you can create aromatic flavour magic in no time. Here we take you to Far Eastern worlds...


5. Ice cream sandwich with oatmeal cookies

Ice cream is always a good idea! That's why we're very grateful to our friends at Luicella's Ice Cream for this refreshing dessert recipe - a classic ice cream sandwich with oat cookies from our 3Bears Porridge Kernigen Classic , prepared in a flash and easily.


6. Bavarian apple strudel porridge recipe

Crunchy roasted almonds, fruity apple, fragrant cinnamon and a vanilla sauce to melt away. But just try it yourself...

By the way, you can find this recipe and many others in our brand new 3Bears recipe book!


7. Oat crackers with apple and tonka bean cream

Have you always wanted to try your hand at baking cookies? Then get to it! The one awarded with a Michelin star Dominik Käppeler tells you the recipe for his heavenly ones Oat cookies with apple tonka bean cream . Conjured up from our “Hearty Classic”, this is a very special kind of Christmas cookie!


8. Savoury Porridge: Spicy Avocado Porridge Bowl

Here at 3Bears we love our fruit varieties, but you really shouldn't underestimate our hearty classic . Especially during the carnival season, he can dress up incredibly well - for example as a hearty avocado porridge. Juicy mushrooms, fresh basil and a ripe avocado - it couldn't be better!

9. Oat tart with chocolate mousse and fresh berries

Do you want to impress at the next coffee wreath? With this oat tart you are guaranteed to seduce everyone! Who can resist that? Together with Food Boom, we have created a recipe video for you so that you can bake this recipe when your thoughts are already on your sweetheart...


10. Tiramisu with a difference – full of oat flakes

Wouldn't it be great to conjure up an innovative tiramisu recipe based on porridge? That's what dear Annika, our Golden Porridge Bowl winner 2019, thought when she created her fabulous recipe “Tiramisu with a difference” for the championship. The renowned jury ( Stefan Marquard , Andrea Schirmaier-Huber and Lisa Angermann ) was immediately thrilled! Layer overnight oats, tiramisu cream and blueberry puree, top it off with berry crunch and you've conjured up a pure taste explosion.



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