High Protein Triple Chocolate Proats

High Protein Triple Chocolate Proats

Would you like a chocolatey breakfast that also provides you with extra protein power? Then our High Protein Triple Chocolate Proats are perfect for you! With creamy oat flakes and a wonderful mix of intense chocolate flavour, this breakfast is a real treat. Easy to prepare and enjoy for an energetic start to the day or as a delicious snack.

High Protein Triple Chocolate Proats


100g 3Bears High Protein Porridge Crunchy cocoa

200ml Oat Drink

50g Dark Chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content)

1tsp Coconut Oil

200g Quark

1tbsp Honey

Also (at will):

Cocoa Nibs

Pomegranate Seeds

Fresh Berries



Prepare overnight oats with the oat drink from the 3Bears mixture. Simply mix both and let them soak in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, first melt the chocolate with the oil in a water pan. Allow to cool slightly. Mix the curd and honey.

Divide the overnight oats between 2 glasses. Pour the melted chocolate on top and layer with the honey quark. Decorate with cocoa nibs, pomegranate seeds and berries as desired.


High Protein Triple Chocolate Proats

What Exactly are Proats?

If you're wondering what's behind the name of this delicious recipe, you're not alone! " Proats" is the latest trend in the world of conscious nutrition! The clever abbreviation stands for 'Protein Oats' - an ingenious combination of traditional oat flakes and high-quality proteins. This power meal is a true wonder for fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking for an energetic start to the day. The breakfast is varied, tasty and easy to prepare. With a wealth of flavours and toppings ranging from fresh berries to crunchy nuts, there are no limits to your creativity.


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