Overnight Oats

Wake-up Breakfast: Espresso overnight oats

Wachmacherfrühstück: Espresso Overnight Oats

More espresso, less depresso! 😉 With this overnight oats recipe you will not only be wide awake, but you will also start your day full and in a good mood. Our Kerniges Bircher provides the basis for the espresso overnight oats recipe and supplies your body with valuable nutrients through the wholegrain oat flakes, apples, sultanas, nuts, psyllium and seeds. Add a cup of espresso and foamed milk and your personal pick-me-up breakfast is ready.

Espresso overnight oats


For 2 servings

100g Wild Bowls Porridge Hearty Bircher
200ml oat drink
2 cups of espresso
200ml foamed oat milk


    Mix Wild Bowls Kerniges Bircher with the oat drink in a preserving jar and leave to soak overnight in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.
    The next morning, divide the overnight oats into 2 glasses and add a cup of espresso to each. Froth the oat milk and add it. Your espresso overnight oats are ready.

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