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Banana Chocolate Ice Cream with Oat Drink Powder Cocoa

Bananen-Schoko-Eis mit Haferdrink Pulver Kakao

Ice Ice Baby. If you need to cool down in these temperatures, you better stop scrolling. Today we're using our newest hot drop, Oat Drink Powder Cocoa, to make nutritious Banana Chocolate Popsicles. What can't you make from oats? Our favourite grain is just so diverse. For this mega fresh ice cream you only need four ingredients. They are all totally clean, sugar-free and vegan. So you can enjoy your favourite summer snack without feeling guilty. The preparation is also super easy.


For about 4 pieces
200g very ripe bananas
2 tbsp 3Bears oat drink powder – cocoa
150ml water
20g 100% chocolate


Put the banana, oat drink powder and water in a blender and mix on high speed. Pour into ice cream molds and freeze overnight. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and decorate the ice cream with it. Freeze briefly again until the chocolate is solid.



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