Baked Porridge “Apple-Ginger”

Baked Porridge „Apfel-Ingwer“

There is no question that apple and cinnamon are a great combination. But why should you only enjoy this delicious flavour duo on cold winter days? We have a quick and wonderfully fruity and spicy baked porridge recipe for you that you can serve at any time of the year. By the way, baked porridge is a type of porridge casserole. The great thing about it, when baking, the whole house smells of apple cinnamon and no one can resist.


Baked Porridge “Apple-Ginger”


250g 3Bears Porridge Apple-Ginger

2 Apples, peeled and grated

350ml Naturally Cloudy Apple Juice

350ml Oat Drink

1 tsp Cinnamon Powder

100g Walnut Kernels, chopped



Brown Almond Butter

Vegan Yoghurt (3.5% fat) or curd to serve (as desired)


Preheat the oven to 180 °C (top/bottom heat). Mix the 3Bears apple-ginger variety with apple shavings directly into the baking dish. Mix the apple juice and oat drink with the cinnamon and pour over the oat flakes in the baking dish. Allow the porridge mixture to swell for about 10 minutes. Now, sprinkle with the walnuts. The baked porridge is now baked in the hot oven (on the middle rack) for about 20 minutes. If you use a smaller, taller baking dish, the baking time will increase to 30-40 minutes. After, drizzle with almond butter and serve warm. A little yoghurt or curd goes well with this as a fresh touch to the spicy, warm porridge casserole.

Baked Porridge “Apple-Ginger”

Our Tips

First of all, you should know that the cinnamon apple variety also goes great with this baked porridge. So if you're not a ginger fan, the recipe can be adapted very quickly. You can also let your imagination run wild when it comes to serving your casserole - extra fresh fruit on top, a little sweetness or maybe some ice cream to match the summer weather?

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