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Why is 3Bears Porridge the Perfect Breakfast?

Warum ist 3Bears Porridge das perfekte Frühstück?

In our Bear Cave, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because if you start the day with the right breakfast, everything will be much easier for you! We firmly believe that your breakfast should not only be delicious and nutritious, but also easy to prepare. After all, sometimes in the morning you're still in your comfortably warm bed and you're not always fully focused on the matter. Porridge can be prepared warm or cold, and in just 3 minutes you can have the perfect breakfast ready. What's so great about our 3Bears Porridge? We'll tell you!

Oatmeal = Superfood

They contain little sugar and fat, but are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and supply the body with magnesium, iron, biotin, zinc, B1 and B6, among other things. Thanks to the power mix of fibre, iron, protein, folic acid and complex carbohydrates, you will stay full until lunch.

oats oatmeal healthy breakfast


In just 3 minutes you have a warm bowl of magically delicious porridge in front of you on the breakfast table - that's pure taste magic! Whether on the stove, in the microwave, or overnight as overnight oats.

3Bears Porridge contains at least 30% fruit

Our porridge varieties taste like a wonderful orchard. Coconut, apricots, figs, dates, apple cinnamon or poppy seeds and banana... our porridge contains the highest fruit content on the market (minimum 30%, and with fruity coconut even 40%). In addition, our fruits contain no additives and no added sugar - our porridge only contains the natural sweetness of the fruits.

Porridge summer fruits healthy breakfast

Made in Germany

We source our oat flakes from a quality German mill in the idyllic south of Germany, which has been family-owned since the 17th century. There the oats are gently cleaned, dried and rolled until the oat grain becomes delicious oat flakes. This means that the route to your bowl is much shorter than with internationally harvested oat flakes.


You can vary porridge as you like depending on your mood. Warm or cold, milk or water (of course plant-based milk is also possible), and a variety of toppings. Fruits, honey, nuts, quark… the possibilities are endless! Take a look at our recipes to get inspired.

Porridge oatmeal healthy breakfast

How often do you eat porridge? What is your favourite variation? What else do you need to have for a perfect breakfast? Feel free to leave a comment or tag us #3bearsporridge #justright



What is your favourite porridge? #3Bearsporridge #just right


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