Easter Is Different

Ostern is(s)t anders

Easter is just around the corner and a lot of things are different this year. The flight to the Easter holiday is no longer necessary, car trips to the sea have been cancelled, physical distancing from friends and family makes the Easter brunch table seem emptier than usual...

But, there are other things that are different too! We finally have time to read the book that has been waiting for us on the bookshelf for ages. We are in touch with old friends again, even if only by phone. We let off steam in the kitchen and conjure up the dish that sounds so incredibly delicious. Whether in the family, with neighbours or friends - we all move a little closer together emotionally. We stick together and are mindful of others - #keepcalmandshareporridge !

So let’s embrace this “being different” together and transform it into wonderfully positive moments. Even if Easter is different this year, with 3Bears Porridge Easter can come. Easter is different - emotionally, socially and with 3Bears Porridge also culinary.

Easter is different - ​​Porridge enjoyment instead of Easter Lamb

You've already demonstrated your flexibility in your everyday life in the past few weeks - so why not add a few innovations to your Easter table this year? Porridge enjoyment for Easter. We have put together great and simple recipes for you that will turn your Easter table into a culinary masterpiece apart from the classic Easter lamb - with little effort and a lot of enjoyment.


Easter is different - Porridge love instead of Easter eggs

Easter eggs are a thing of the past, in 2020 colourful porridge packs will be hidden and given away. Are you still looking for an alternative to chocolate Easter eggs? We have something for you. Our colourful trial packs are perfect for giving away nice treats for Easter - quickly prepared and just as quickly enjoyed. Whether it's for your partner or family members, our sample package is a fantastic little gift to eat straight away and also as a colourful eye-catcher for your Easter brunch.



Easter is different – ​​Overnight oats as a quick Easter treat

Easter is different, for us, as well as for you. Maybe this year your Easter brunch will only be for two. Would you like your table to be designed to be appealing and enjoyable even for a small group without having to spend any time baking? Then overnight oats are just the thing! Prepared the evening before, you can start making the topping straight away on Easter morning. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to toppings - it's not just a pleasure for the palate. With our 3Bears Porridge All Varieties package you can secure a large selection of variations.

With this in mind, make the most of “being different than usual” and create your very own personal breakfast highlights. Because Easter is different! – that doesn’t stop us from making it #justright!

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