With a Longing for the Mountains to the Wilder Kaiser

Mit Bergsehnsucht zum Wilden Kaiser

Our guest blogger Jules is a trail runner, outdoor lover and foodie. She spends a lot of time in the mountains and loves taking home-made snacks and treats with her. This week they went to the Happy Place. But where is it, this happy place? We hope you enjoy reading!

A magical trip told by Jules:

Is there a place you always go to? I can say very clearly for myself: no. There is no ONE destination, but I visit many destinations more often. So I can't pinpoint my longing to one location. It can be found in nature in general and in the mountains in particular. The mountains are my refuge to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, the digital madness and, above all, the noise. This may sound a bit trite at first, but the mountains radiate a heavenly calm that has a positive effect on me and at the same time provides strength and relaxation. That's why I keep looking for this happy place "mountain" again and again and, above all, as often as possible.

It's raining: how beautiful...

This week I found my happy place “mountain” on the Wilder Kaiser. The weather forecast was bad, a lot of rain was reported. No matter, I can enjoy the mountains with a rain jacket. I love the supposedly bad weather, especially in the morning, when the fog lies in the valley and conjures up a mystical atmosphere. During the week when it rains, many huts are not open, so I prepared my hiking provisions in Munich. My choice fell on the vegan nut banana bread . Why? The poppy banana is my 3Bears favourite variety and after a few years in Melbourne, where banana bread with salted butter (yes, preferably toasted) was my standard breakfast, I am always on the lookout for new and even tastier recipes. The dried banana pieces contained in the delicious 3Bears Poppy Banana Porridge variety give the bread a particularly banana-caramel note.

Here we go: off to the Veil Waterfall

When I arrived at the Wilder Kaiser, I decided on a hike that had been recommended to me several times. Several paths lead to the Schleier waterfall . I started at the Hüttling hiking car park. I took the direct route via the forest road (path no. 818). Blueberry and blackberry bushes grew along the path. Delicious, I love berries and so many were already ripe. Of course, I couldn't just walk by idly and collected things diligently. Attention: wash well because of the fox tapeworm.

I continued on the short path directly to the Schleier waterfall. Since it was wet and slippery, the cross path along the rock face was unfortunately out of the question. This unsecured path, which has been open again since mid-August (path no. 822), requires sure-footedness and a head for heights. If the weather is better, you can run the Tauernblick Panorama circuit including the trail. With 13.3km and 880hm, it offers fantastic views and goes not only past the Schleier waterfall, but also the mountaineers' grave and the mountaineers' chapel. Nevertheless, the highlight of the tour is the Veil Waterfall, which falls down the rock face like a veil from a height of 60m. The perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the natural spectacle.

Peace vs. Action: With a view of the valley and the rock

The Schleierwasserfall is a magnificent natural spectacle and, above all, an Eldorado for climbers. The routes start at difficulty level 7 and go up to level 11. In total you can really let off steam on almost 150 routes. WOW. I'm not a climber, so I sat comfortably on a ledge and alternated between enjoying the view of the valley and watching the climbers from dizzy heights. There was also the vegan nut banana bread . Hmmm, that was good and energising... Walnuts have a decent fat and calorie content and, like bananas, are a great source of energy. With its amount of carbohydrates, banana bread is perfect for hiking tours in particular and endurance sports in general. I also like to take banana bread with me when trail running because it is very digestible. Thanks to its firm but juicy consistency, it is also easy to transport and does not crumble. Above all, it has a long shelf life and still tastes good even after a few days.

As the weather happens in the mountains, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out for a quarter of an hour. So the panorama was shown to me in its sunny version. It's beautiful here. We went back via another hiking trail (path no. 817) along the Stiegenbach.


Schleierwasserfall, a place of longing: I’ll be back

I was at the Schleierwasserfall for the first time and hereby add another place to my list of happy places “mountain”. It's definitely not the last time I've been here and the next trip to the Wilder Kaiser is already planned. Not every mountain tour has to be a forced march or a demanding trail run. It is often the small and leisurely tours that provide the most strength and energy. I can only recommend the route to the Schleier waterfall and hope you visit your own happy place again soon. But no matter where you go, be sure to take the banana bread with you :)

 Love, Jules


About the guest author

Jules from is a trail runner, outdoor lover and foodie. As an ATRA-certified trail guide & coach, she spends a lot of time in the mountains and loves taking home-made snacks and treats with her. We somehow find the perfect combination to write for you.


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