Warming and Soothing: Perfect Porridge for the Autumn

Wärmend und Wohltuend: Perfektes Porridge für die Herbstzeit

Autumn is a season of transition when leaves fall from the trees and temperatures gradually drop. It is also the time when we crave comforting and warming foods that will warm us up from the inside out. A perfect dish that combines these needs is porridge.  

Porridge in autumn

Porridge: The ultimate autumn breakfast  

Porridge is a classic autumn breakfast made from oatmeal that will provide you with warmth and energy for the day.  

Porridge in autumn


It's also hearty  

For many of us, autumn is also the time for stews and risotto. It should be quick, but also simply warming. Our neutral porridge mixture, Kerniger Classic, is perfect for this .  

            Porridge in autumn

            Here are some reasons why porridge is perfect for autumn:  

            1. Soothing warmth: On a cool autumn morning, there's nothing better than a bowl of steaming porridge to warm you up from the inside.
            2. Long-lasting satiety: The fibre in oatmeal ensures long-lasting satiety and helps avoid mid-morning cravings.
            3. Versatility: Porridge is extremely versatile and can be customised to suit your taste. Whether sweet or savory, with fruit or nuts - the possibilities are endless.
            4. Nutritional Benefits: Oatmeal is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

            Porridge in autumn

            Our 7 best oat & porridge recipes for autumn :  

            1. Baked Porridge Apple Ginger
            2. Oatsotto tomato peppers
            3. Oatsotto mushroom leek
            4. Baked Oats Cinnamon Roll
            5. Chocolate Lover Bowl
            6. Hearty pumpkin porridge

                      Porridge in autumn

                      Conclusion: Enjoy autumn with delicious porridge 

                      Porridge is not only a delicious and comforting choice for autumn breakfasts, but also an easy way to bring the autumn mood into your kitchen. The versatility of porridge allows you to create creative variations that suit your personal taste. So, grab a warm blanket, a bowl of steaming porridge and enjoy autumn to the fullest! 

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