Ideas for a Sugar-free Easter Basket

Ideen für ein zuckerfreies Osternest

The first daffodils are already blooming, the days are getting longer and the sun is appearing more and more often. That’s right: Spring is here. Which means the Easter Bunny will be hopping over again soon. Now there's still a little time to get out the craft box and put together cute Easter baskets but, they are often filled with absolute sugar bombs. We don't think that has to be the case, which is why we've collected a few ideas for you in this guide on how you can make a nutritious, sustainable Easter basket yourself. Of course it will still be delicious, because full-fledged food doesn't necessarily mean having to compromise on taste. That's how things work for us.

#1 Choose the right nest

Many Easter baskets are only used once and the decorative grass often ends up in the trash after the holidays. For the sake of the planet, you can choose much more sustainable options here. So, this year how about our Overnight Oats jar as a nest. The little ones (and big ones) can continue to use them after Easter as well. We also like self-woven wicker basket nests made from natural, renewable materials or a DIY macramé basket. It's a great idea to sow cress in a small bowl shortly before Easter, you can basically let your own decorative grass grow. If the nest has been plundered, you can even eat the cress directly at Easter brunch.


#2 Chocolate is a must at Easter

For anyone who wants to avoid industrial sugar at Easter but not chocolate, we have a few good options here. Our 50g sachets and our pocket porridge fit really well in the nest. Our fine cocoa porridge variety owes its ultra-chocolaty taste to pure natural ingredients that are not too sweet. Fine cocoa is sweet enough and doesn't need any industrial sugar to satisfy your taste buds. Nevertheless, the variety competes with all conventional chocolate treats. As a pocket porridge, the 3Bears oat power is ready on hand everywhere - great for the little ones as a snack at school or after a long Easter basket hunt.

The nu company is back this Easter with its sweet bunny. It is organic, vegan, packaged plastic-free and made from fair origin cocoa. Great, right? This means you are not throwing plastic packaging overboard. The little Easter basket also contains the tastiest bars ever.  

If you don't want to do without traditional chocolate, you should definitely pay attention to the origin of the cocoa. Most supermarket chocolates are a no-go for us: unnecessary packaging waste, unecological palm oil, dairy products from factory farming and unfair working conditions. When buying, pay close attention to organic and fair trade seals as well as the list of ingredients.  


#3 Wild Kids for little adventurers

Our organic kids porridges are ideal for the Easter basket. They come in two varieties: Cocoa Banana and Fruit Party. To play, run around and discover, the little ones need a lot of power from natural, organic ingredients: cocoa and banana give the kids cocoa banana superpowers. Fruit Celebration celebrates the vitamins and child-friendly sweetness that lie dormant in raspberries, apples, bananas and sultanas. On top of that, organic oat, spelled and barley flakes keep you full for an extra long time.


#4 Our lovers set

Our lovers set contains everything you need to prepare and enjoy the perfect porridge: our overnight oats glass, our porridge bowl and the 3Bears porridge spoon. This makes it easy for you to have the best breakfast in the world. Just the right thing to immerse yourself in the world of our Oat Heroes or to give gifts to loved ones at Easter.




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