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Porridge Tiramisu - Winning Recipe of the German Championship

Porridge Tiramisu - Gewinnerrezept der deutschen Meisterschaft

Porridge and tiramisu sounds pretty crazy at first. But also pretty tasty! That's what dear Annika, our Golden Porridge Bowl winner 2019, thought when she created her fabulous recipe “Tiramisu with a difference” for the championship. The renowned jury ( Stefan Marquard , Andrea Schirmaier-Huber and Lisa Angermann ) was immediately enthusiastic! Layer overnight oats, tiramisu cream and blueberry puree, top it off with berry crunch and you have a pure taste explosion. Are you already hungry from reading? No problem, of course we share the Porridge Tiramisu recipe. It's very simple: prepare a total of three delicious layers and a crispy oat topping, arrange, decorate and your healthy porridge tiramisu is ready. Tiramisu porridge


For 2 servings.

Berry Crunch Topping:

Overnight oats - 1st layer:

Tiramisu cream - 2nd layer:

  • 200g cream cheese
  • 200g mascarpone
  • 150g natural yogurt
  • Zest from an untreated lemon
  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 2 1/2 tbsp amaretto liqueur

Blueberry puree - 3rd layer:

    • 250g fresh blueberries (or raspberries, strawberries)
    • Juice of half a lemon
    • 1 packet of vanilla sugar


    For the berry crunch, mix together 50g 3Bears Porridge Triple Berry, 30g flaked almonds, 1 tbsp Amaretto, 30g coconut oil and 1-2 tbsp maple syrup. Then place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake at 180 degrees for 5 minutes. Then turn and bake for another 5 minutes. Now let the crunch cool down - that's it!

    For the overnight oats 100 g Mix 3Bears Porridge Crunchy Classic , 100ml milk, 100ml espresso and 1 teaspoon cocoa. Sweeten with a little maple syrup if necessary. Place the overnight oats in the refrigerator for about 6 hours so that the oat flakes can swell well.

    Now the tiramisu cream is prepared. Add 200g cream cheese, 200g mascarpone, 150g natural yoghurt, the zest of an untreated lemon, 2 tbsp powdered sugar and 2.5 tbsp amaretto liqueur, using a hand mixer at medium speed, until creamy.

    For the blueberry puree, puree the fresh berries with the lemon juice and vanilla sugar.

    Now all components are layered into 2 glasses: First the overnight oats are filled into the glass, then the tiramisu cream, then the blueberry puree, another layer of overnight oats and a final layer of the tiramisu cream. Decorate with berry crunch, serve and marvel! Then drag the spoon through the tiramisu and just enjoy.

    Tiramisu porridge in a glass

    About the guest author:

    Dear Annika is the lucky winner of the Golden Porridge Bowl 2019 - the first German Porridge Championship, organized by 3Bears. With this recipe she not only enchanted us but also the jury and secured a trip to Scotland as a participant in the Porridge World Championships in autumn. She lives in the beautiful Bavarian Forest, in Mauth, and not only impresses people privately with her cooking skills, but also soon in her café “Auszeit”.

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