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In our Taste Magic section I have so far provided you with porridge recipes and all sorts of delicious ideas about oatmeal. Today, I want to introduce you to another particularly wonderful source of food inspiration and recipes: Foodilicious, the Westwing Gourmet Guide.


The Genuss Guide is, as the name suggests, for connoisseurs, by connoisseurs. There are great recipes with fresh ingredients and a lot of creativity - from the Westwing editorial team, but also from food experts and selected food bloggers. You can tell that a lot of heart and soul has gone into this not only from the recipes, but also from the fabulous pictures and the personal ideas of the recipe authors. And as for the recipes? It really will be anything but boring. The Genuss Guide offers innovative creations that skilfully take up the latest food trends, such as cooking with superfoods. From low carb cheese balls to beetroot chocolate cake to sweet potato quninotto - there's variety in the kitchen! What I particularly like about the Genuss Guide is the claim to publish recipes that support good nutrition, but where you still don't have to miss out on great taste. Quite the opposite!

The Food Photography section is also great, where you can get useful tips on topics such as exposure, background and composition. So that you know how to skilfully present your cooking results.

See for yourself at:

And if you want a fantastic overnight oats recipe with chia and berries in these summer temperatures, you can find a fabulous 3Bears recipe from me at Foodilicious:

porridge-overnight oats-berries-chia-goji

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Hartmann, Andrea


ich habe als kleines Kind schon immer gerne meinen Brei mit einem Holzlöffel gegessen und war froh, dass ich einen Holzlöffel bei Euch entdeckt habe.
Sorry nicht anmaßend gemeint, aber der Preis dafür erscheint mir doch sehr hoch, (trotz vorhandenem Gutscheincode von 15%) vor allen Dingen kommen noch Versandkosten mit dazu,
Ich habe z.Zt. ausreichend Porridge bei mir zu Hause, somit werde ich erst in ca. 4 Wochen wieder bei Euch bestellen.
Wenn Ihr den Löffel für Euer super Porridge mal reduziert anbietet, könntet ihr mich darüber per email informieren?

P.S. Euer Porridge ist das absolut beste was ich jemals gegessen habe. Dickes Lob!!!!

Viele Grüße
Andrea Hartmann aus Detmold

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