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Baking Cookies like a Star Chef: Interview with Dominik Käppeler

Plätzchen backen wie ein Sternekoch: Interview mit Dominik Käppeler

Did you know that our oat flakes are not only perfect for making porridge, but that you can also make fabulous cookies and other treats for the Christmas season? And without cookies, Christmas wouldn't be half as nice!

In order to be able to really impress family and friends during the Advent season, we asked star chef Dominik Käppeler to develop a very special Christmas cookie from our “hearty classic”. He gave us the recipe for his heavenly oat cookies with apple tonka bean cream and is also available in an interview with 3Bears to answer questions.

We wish you a very strong Christmas season and lots of fun reading and baking!

Dominik Käppeler makes 3Bears oat cookies

What's special about oats?

Oats are a neglected grain, but in contrast to the classic grains, they have their own flavour and have many more possible uses, especially for us in the catering industry. Wheat tends to be neutral - and who wants something neutral on their plate?

What inspired you to bake an oatmeal cookie and put it on the menu?

I was inspired by the aroma and consistency of oats. We often make something with nuts, but this is made difficult by allergy sufferers, so I wanted to make something with oats.

What ingredients are pure Christmas for you?

I'm not normally a stereotypical cook, but Christmas time is just Christmas time! First comes cinnamon, then cardamom, star anise, allspice. Christmas cuisine is very spicy compared to other cuisines.

Was cooking always your passion or did you have other career aspirations?

I grew up in the restaurant industry. My mother took over the business from my aunt when she was diagnosed with cancer and so I grew up more or less in the kitchen, so that was something that was clear to me early on.

What is your personal favourite food?

How many times I am asked this and each time I can't give an answer... there is no personal favourite food, it always depends on my mood!

What does it look like at home – are there star dishes or more classic ones?

No way, if I got there with dots and dots everyone would ask me if I was still completely clean! But it's very important to me to cook fresh - and to do so with my son. He's always there!

You've already tried our porridge, what's your favourite variety?

I'm really into the poppy banana. Poppy seeds are also such a neglected product that is never used, but I really like it!

What makes your kitchen different from others?

What sets my kitchen apart is the uncompromising creativity we put behind it and the demands we place on ourselves. Not by allowing ourselves to be put under pressure, but by really following the concept of changing the entire menu every 14 days, without repeating a dish and simply wanting to go one step further. We don't just rely on classic combinations or usual dish constructs, but rather try to create new experiences in every possible way. “Showroom” is not only our name, but also our program.

Do you plan your dishes strategically or do you sometimes make decisions based on gut feeling?

I just decide based on my gut feeling. I am always inspired by my environment and everywhere I walk and stand. It also happened that we bought a greenhouse that my wife wanted to use for decoration and I then served my starter in it!

What 3 characteristics define you?

Impatient, creative and very loyal to my people.

What 3 characteristics would your team describe you with?

Very generous, reliable and slightly unpunctual!

How long does it take to develop a recipe?

This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 weeks. When we come up with new techniques, such as the chocolate Buddha, it takes an incredible amount of effort. We had to think about how to properly design the mould, how to make the moulds, get silicone, pour moulds and much more. If we use more familiar techniques that we already know, it works pretty quickly.

Dominik Käppeler is a southern German chef who was born into cooking in his childhood, as the son of a restaurant owner. After a stint at “Feinkost Käfer”, he quickly made his breakthrough into the gastronomy elite. The professional developed his personal culinary vision at Tegernsee. The “Restaurant Showroom” in Munich has been under his leadership since the beginning of 2017 and was soon awarded the first Michelin star for his skills.

For daily culinary taste experiences you can follow Dominik Käppeler on Instagram and get inspired.

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