5 Tips for a Nutritious Breakfast for Children

5 Tipps für ein nahrhaftes Frühstück für Kinder

A good start to the day is not only important for adults, but especially for children. In order to have enough energy for a day at daycare or school, a balanced meal in the morning is essential. However, it is not always easy to have a balanced breakfast that the little gourmands enjoy. Reaching for Nutella bread or pretzels seems to be the easiest and quickest solution, but it is not always the best. The simple carbohydrates and the high sugar content ensure that the blood sugar level quickly rises and just as quickly falls again. This means that hunger sets in before the first break and concentration declines more quickly.

Between packing your school bag and brushing your teeth, it sometimes seems almost impossible to include a nutritious breakfast and convince your little gourmets to eat a balanced meal. After all, every minute counts in the morning and parents' nerves can also be frayed in the morning.

We'll show you what shouldn't be missing from a soothing breakfast for children. Caro, co-founder of 3Bears, is a mother herself and also tells us her 5 tips for a balanced breakfast for children that is achievable despite a hectic morning.

What shouldn't be missing from a balanced breakfast for children?

With a balanced breakfast, it is important that the most important nutrients are included in sufficient quantities. A nutritious breakfast is therefore ideally a combination of wholegrain foods, fruit, vegetables and additional dairy products. Wholegrain products, such as wholegrain bread or our 3Bears whole grain oat flakes, are an optimal source of complex carbohydrates. Fruit and vegetables provide a portion of vitamins and dairy products, for example, can be used to supplement valuable proteins. Our porridge, prepared with a little milk and fruit, provides all the nutrients you need for a good start to the day and keeps you full for a long time.

When choosing the products to use, it is worth taking a look at the list of ingredients. Many breakfast options and mueslis are packed with industrial sugar. Don't worry, our porridge also tastes good for those with a sweet breakfast. At 3Bears we sweeten with the natural sweetness of fruits. The chocolatey porridge Fine Cocoa, for example, is sweetened with dates. These also offer valuable fibre.

Caro's 5 tips for a nutritious breakfast for children

A balanced children's breakfast is often easier said than done. Providing a soothing breakfast is often a test of patience for parents. As a mother, Caro has had her own experiences and gave us her top 5 tips:

Serve in a child-friendly way

As old as the saying is, there is a lot of truth in it: The eye eats too. This doesn't just apply to adults. A beautifully prepared breakfast can make even the little ones want more. Our porridge can be easily transformed into wild animal faces with a few fruits or nuts. Our favourite is the bear face.

Variety at breakfast

The same breakfast every day? Boredom quickly sets in. A varied diet is not only important, but also fun. For example, you can also learn about new foods, such as fruits, in a playful way.

Caro's tip: Just try it out! After a while, one or two favourites will emerge from the many breakfast options.

Prepare breakfast the evening before

When every minute counts in the morning, you often don't have the motivation to conjure up a soothing breakfast. For a relaxed yet good start to the day, breakfast for the children can also be prepared the evening before. Overnight oats are perfect for this. The oat flakes swell overnight and become wonderfully creamy. So in the morning all you have to do is pull out the spoon and off you go.

Morning routine for children

Breakfast should be an integral part of your morning routine. Just like brushing your teeth and getting dressed, breakfast can also be planned as a fixed ritual. This makes the morning less hectic and the children also experience a calmer start to the day.

Smoothies for breakfast refusers

For some children, breakfast in the morning is simply a red flag. Our tip for those who refuse breakfast: smoothies! Smoothies can be wonderfully varied and adapted to all tastes. In addition to delicious fruit, you can even sneak in some vegetables. To ensure that the smoothie keeps you full for a long time, our porridge can also be added to the smoothie.

Recipe ideas for a kid-friendly breakfast:

In addition to all the recipes and tips, you must of course not lose touch with reality. It will always happen that a morning is more hectic than you would like. A banana or our Pocket Porridge is therefore also an alternative with which the children can start the day well strengthened.

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