Oaty Rezept Special

Oaty Recipe Special: Iced Coffee Banana Oats

Oaty Rezept Special: Eiskaffee Bananen Oats

Our community is what makes 3Bears 3Bears ! A community of porridge lovers who exchange ideas, share recipes and inspire each other. Because we enjoy your porridge creations as much as you do, we would like to share our highlight recipe here with you every month! In June it's time to enjoy the quick and particularly delicious iced coffee banana oats from our fan (Oaty 🐻) of the month: @nina.strada

Iced coffee banana oats


For the Overnight Aats:

50g 3Bears Overnight Oats iced coffee

60ml Oat Drink

40ml Espresso (corresponds to the amount of a normal espresso)


For the Banana Milk:

1 ripe Banana

50ml Oat Drink



1 tsp Cocoa Nibs




Mix overnight oats with the oat drink and espresso, place in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Puree the banana with the oat drink to make banana milk and pour over the overnight oats. Decorate with cocoa nibs.

Iced coffee banana oats

Oaty Recipe of the Month

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