Welcome to the 3Bears Bee playground

Willkommen auf dem 3Bears Bienenspielplatz

We did it! We bought two football fields of land and created them as a large 3Bears wild bee meadow. What does that mean? A huge meadow with wildflowers as a habitat for bees and insects. If you want to know exactly – this is the home of the 3Bears wild bee playground. The flowers have already been sown and soon we will show you the first pictures of our meadow. Keep your fingers crossed that it will soon get warmer and that the bees will soon be able to let off steam in the flower meadow.

Now you may be wondering why we just buy such a huge land to build a bee playground on. As a member of 1% for the planet, we donate 1% of our annual turnover to protect and preserve our environment. To ensure that the donations actually reach where they are needed, members are only allowed to donate to the environmental protection organizations that have been verified by the network, which now number over 3,000. We have chosen a very special donation partner for our 2020 donation amount and are supporting wild bees together with our partner Green Forest Fund . Together with Green Forest Fund we launched the 3Bears bee playground. The wild bee playground is a 14,000 square meter wildflower area sponsored by us as a habitat for wild bees and insects.

Why Green Forest Fund?

The Green Forest Fund immediately impressed us with its approach. With our contribution we can create a wild bee area the size of two football fields. Ultimately, this support will pay off for us twice or threefold, because we work with raw materials that nature gives us - and that simply would not exist without bees. Green Forest Fund creates new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests and protected areas in Germany and thus supports climate and species protection. This is how the virgin forests of tomorrow are created.

We like to work with people who share our self-image. In our first conversations with Thorsten, the founder and idea generator of Green Forest Fund, we immediately noticed - we are a perfect match!

“With this support from 3Bears, which goes far beyond pure financial support, but also allows us to build something together, we can create valuable living space and promote biodiversity. In concrete terms, this means: Thanks to 3Bears, we can purchase land and immediately begin to turn it into a living ecosystem with optimal habitats for insects and bees. We are pleased that a company that pays attention to regional ingredients in its varieties also protects the environment regionally. In the spring we will be active together on the newly acquired land” - Thorsten Walter, founder of the Green Forest Fund.

The thing with the flowers and bees

Approximately 40% of all the food we eat depends on pollination by wild bees. Unfortunately, there is increasingly less habitat for wild bees, which is why they are so endangered. With our wild bee playground we are doing our part to create more habitat for wild bees and insects.

wild bee

We have therefore launched our wild bee playground near Heidelberg. The seeds have been planted and the field will soon become a colorful wildflower meadow, where hopefully many bees and insects will feel right at home.

Stop by!

Would you like to watch the wild bees snack on the flowers? Easy! Just stop by - there is a beautiful hiking trail that leads past the wildflower meadow. You will recognize our wildflower playground by a large, obvious sign. You can see the exact location on the map. Alternatively, you can also use the coordinates directly: 49°27'14.6"N 9°02'26.6"E

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