Gift Ideas for Christmas

Geschenkideen für Weihnachten

Every year the search for the perfect Christmas presents begins and it is not uncommon for Christmas to come quicker than expected. So that you can enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest and concentrate on the essentials (eating porridge in peace), we have put together a little gift guide for you. With these gift ideas you will make every porridge fan happy or, you can convert your loved ones into porridge fans if they don't already know about our delicious products. Our gift ideas have something for all situations. Don't worry, we've also thought of last minute gift hunting in case you don't read this article until December 24th.

Gift Ideas for Porridge Newbies

Even if it's hard for us to imagine, some people don't know our porridge and haven't enjoyed it yet. Our gift tip for porridge newbies is the 3Bears introductory package. With this you can get to know the entire 3Bears world: Porridge in 6 delicious varieties, our fruity overnight oats and of course, our pocket porridge.

With the 3Bears Porridge Starter Pack you can take a porridge newbie into the fantastic world of porridge: 6 delicious porridge varieties in sample size plus our porridge bowl and our overnight oats glass. Would you like to give our starter package or would you like a little more? Then simply combine it with a gift voucher – our Bärenbon.

Gift Ideas for Porridge Ultras

Of course, we also have a brilliant selection of gift ideas for true porridge professionals. Our practical 3Bears porridge bowl should not be missing in any kitchen. The lines drawn help when measuring oat flakes and milk or water so that the porridge is just right.

For cold preparation, we have our 3Bears Overnight Oats jar with a practical lid for on-the-go.

Our 3Bears Porridge thermo mug is brand new and perfect for the cold season. This means that our porridge can be spooned warm anytime and anywhere.

For even more creative enjoyment, our porridge recipe book is the perfect gift idea. Our porridge bible is full of exciting oat knowledge and, of course, a huge selection of recipes.

Gift idea recipe book for porridge

The recipe book is also available in a set with great accessories: Our porridge fan package consists of the porridge recipe book, a 3Bears tea towel, our overnight oats jar and two bear cookie cutters.

Christmas gift idea

Gift Ideas to make yourself

With our porridge you can make really nice gifts yourself. After all, gifts from the kitchen prepared with a lot of love are always well received. For example, you can use our limited winter variety to bake a wonderfully fragrant Christmas granola to give as a gift. It looks particularly nice when packaged in our 3Bears Overnight Oats jar. The recipe for the Christmas granola is also very quick so, if you need to make a Secret Santa or Christmas present at short notice it's ideal!

Granola DIY gift idea

You can also create wonderful Christmas joys with home-baked cookies or biscuits. Our vegan oat cookies are baked in no time and are a lovely gift idea. The recipe can be modified as desired with our different types of porridge. Our hazelnut cookies prepared with winter magic are also perfect as gifts.

Every oat fanatic is guaranteed to be happy about a homemade baking mix for oat cookies. In our recipe for the homemade baking mix for oatmeal cookies you will find detailed instructions on how to layer the ingredients beautifully.

Last Minute gift ideas

Some gift is always missing just before Christmas. Don't worry, of course we have a solution for that. With our digital bear voucher you can give away a voucher for our online shop. The bear voucher will be sent to you by email and is therefore the perfect last minute gift for all porridge fans. Because what could be better than the entire diversity of our porridge world?

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