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Advent Calendar: The fascinating history and modern diversity

Adventskalender: Die faszinierende Geschichte und moderne Vielfalt

The Advent calendar is an integral part of the Christmas season that brings back childhood memories and anticipation. But how did this traditional custom develop and what exciting variations are there today? Here we want to take a look at the fascinating history of the advent calendar and explore the modern diversity of this popular Christmas tradition. 

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The Origins of the Advent Calendar

The history of the advent calendar goes back to the 19th century. At this time, families in Germany began counting the days until Christmas in various ways. A popular method was to mark days on a blackboard or burn candles. 

The first printed advent calendar as we know it today was produced in 1908 in Munich - which is also our “3Bears home” ;) - in 1908. This calendar had 24 windows and behind each one there was a hidden picture. A window was allowed to be opened every day to increase the anticipation of Christmas. 

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Modern Advent Calendars: More than just pictures

Today the Advent calendar has evolved far beyond pictures. Here are some modern variations that will make the run-up to Christmas even more exciting: 

  1. Chocolate Advent calendars: These are widespread today and contain a little chocolate surprise behind every door. They come in different shapes, sizes and flavours. Personally, at 3Bears we think that it doesn't always have to be chocolate. Isn't it much more exciting to be surprised every day with a wholesome breakfast or a delicious snack. Take a look at our 3Bears Advent Calendars.
  2. Beauty Advent Calendar: Perfect for beauty lovers. Behind each door is a miniature version of a cosmetic product, from lipsticks to skin care products.
  3. Craft Advent Calendar: Ideal for creative minds. These calendars contain craft supplies and instructions to create a new Christmas project every day.
  4. Gourmet Advent Calendar: For foodies. These calendars can include anything from spices to coffee to wine and cheese.
  5. Personalised Advent Calendars: You can personalise advent calendars and fill them with the recipient's favourite things, be it toys, books or even the world's best bar. ;) Click here for our Pocket Porridge oat bars, which look really good in any calendar you fill yourself.

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            The Social Meaning of the Advent Calendar

            The advent calendar goes beyond just counting the days until Christmas. It creates excitement and anticipation in the often hectic pre-Christmas period. It can also be an opportunity to spend time with family and friends while opening doors and surprising each other. And such an advent calendar itself can be a really great eye-catcher and a beautiful decorative element in the run-up to Christmas! 

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            Conclusion: Advent Calendar's Today

            The advent calendar has evolved over the years from a simple picture to a wide range of options tailored to each individual's preferences and interests. Whether you enjoy an advent calendar with porridge, discover a new beauty product every day or get creative with craft materials, the joy and anticipation that this tradition brings is timeless and enriches the Christmas season in a unique way. 

            advent Calendar

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