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Fabulous Advent Ideas

Fabelhafte Adventsideen

.... you can be happy about the welcome change at the breakfast table that the wholesome porridge brings. Especially now in the cold pre-Christmas period, a pleasant, tasty start to the active day is wonderfully good. That's why we want to share a few special recipes with you.

For a fabulous and nutty porridge, mix tender oat flakes with twice the amount of almond milk; add a pinch of crushed vanilla. Heat until desired creaminess is achieved and then enjoy with dried mulberries, hazelnuts and cashews (also delicious with freshly sliced ​​pear slices and a little blossom honey). Vegan, delicious, just right.

Christmas porridge festively decorated with nuts, berries, hazelnuts and cashews

And here are a few more magical ideas from Great Britain, the homeland of porridge.

Aromatic Christmas porridge with nutmeg, dried cherries and nuts can be found here: http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/spiced-porridge/

We find vegan Ella's blog particularly magical. She always shares fantastic recipes that are just right - ike her oatmeal version with blueberry and apple compote.

Have fun trying, enjoying and feasting ⭐️✨!

Yours, Caro


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