Our Top 15 Brunch Recipes

Unsere top 15 Brunch Rezepte

We love breakfast - that's obvious. While things often have to be done quickly during the week and you like to use light and quick recipes or simply heat up a bowl of 3Bears Porridge in 3 minutes without a lot of fuss, at the weekend you can do something special.

That's why: We love brunch - the culinary connection between "breakfast" and "lunch". A brunch with friends, with family, for Easter, for a birthday or just because - who doesn't love feasting together and eating breakfast for hours.

And you don't always have to sin so much! Here you will find our favourite brunch recipes for pastries, snacks, cakes, overnight oats and more ! All recipes are simple, quick and easy to prepare. Let yourself be inspired by our diverse recipes for a successful brunch. Whether sweet or savoury - there is something for every breakfast eater!

By the way, we are always incredibly happy to receive feedback on our recipes, your variations and pictures! So feel free to leave us a comment, contact us ( info@3bears.de ) or share your great porridge and brunch moments on Instagram and Facebook @3bearsporridge with #3bearsporridge.


1. Banana muffins with cheesecake filling

You can conjure up fabulous muffins from 3Bears Poppy Banana Porridge together with a berry mixture. This taste magic not only looks fabulous, but also tastes fantastic. Just right for the next coffee table!


2. Trend recipe: Scones with raspberry frosting

Dear Daniela and Heiko conjured up this fabulous recipe and together they run the vegan enjoyment blog “Teekesselchen”. Our co-founder Tim naturally welcomed these delicious scones because this recipe is “very British”. Just like Tim, scones come from the British Isles. They are a pastry that you can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea in the afternoon. We'd say put on a kettle of tea, grab our 3Bears Porridge and whip up your own tasty scones.


3. Delicious homemade rolls with oats

With these delicious breakfast oat rolls , you are guaranteed a good start to the day. A spread of your choice is perfect for this. Our 3Bears Porridge Crunchy Classic offers you everything you need. Simply recharge your batteries in the morning with great energy and without added sugar!


4. Summery chocolate oat tartlets

Our guest blogger Bika loves summer and likes to think of sun, beaches, water and warm summer nights. For example, with a campfire and smores, an American campfire snack made of chocolate and marshmallows melted between two shortbread cookies. That's exactly what inspired these summer tartlets with our fabulous new variety 3Bears Fine Cocoa to create. Tip: Bring summer feelings into your home at any time of the year with this recipe!


5. Chocolate waffles – for breakfast

When our guest blogger Bika tried it for the first time, our 3Bears Porridge Fine Cocoa variety became one of her absolute favourites. Not surprisingly, she immediately had a thousand ideas in her head about what she could do with it. One of her first ideas: delicious chocolate breakfast waffles ! There There are oat flakes in the dough, they keep you full for a long time and taste super delicious and chocolaty. Mmmhmmm...


6. Oat tart with chocolate mousse and fresh berries

Do you want to impress at the next coffee wreath? With this oat tart you are guaranteed to seduce everyone! Who can resist that? Together with Food Boom, we have created a recipe video for you so that you can bake this recipe when your thoughts are already on your sweetheart...


7 . British Apple Crumble

When a thick layer of crunchy oat streusel meets baked apple slices, it's time for crumble . The dish is prepared as if by magic and is perfect as a sweet ending to your Easter brunch. There is 3Bears Porridge Cinnamon Apple gives the oven-warm crumble a magical aromatic note.


8th . Wholesome oat bread – an extra portion of fiber

Our porridge doesn't just make delicious things cake, but also bake this hearty oat bread . The recipe does not contain wheat flour, but rather spelled and wholemeal flour. A fully-fledged alternative if you don't want porridge in the morning.


9 . Vegan coconut oat tartlets

These delicious vegan coconut tartlets with an apple cinnamon base are perfect for a warm summer day as they taste super fresh and fruity! But it can also be used as a great dessert or surprise on the coffee table all year round


10 . Vegan pancakes for your Sunday breakfast

This colourful pancake creation by @birne_helene_ is an eye-catcher at your next Sunday brunch and is very easy to make yourself. The fruity one 3Bears Porridge Three kinds of berries give the heavenly pancakes the perfect combination of sweet and sour. #berrystrong


11. Berry Banana Muffins

A wonderful recipe from our guest blogger @ plantisserie , who created fabulous and quick muffins with our wonderful 3Bears Porridge Dreierlei Berry variety.


12. Vegan pancakes with cinnamon and plum compote

We love a wonderful, warm breakfast at any time of the year. Why not bake delicious pancakes instead of porridge? Between autumnal apples and Christmas cinnamon, these pancakes are from @anna.culina the perfect place on your breakfast or coffee table.


13. Green Mango Smoothie

With little sugar - but with lots of good and important nutrients and our fabulous poppy banana. The best thing about it: In just 5 minutes you can conjure up this real stimulant .


14. Cinnamon Apple Granola

Attention porridge lovers! You can prepare this fruity, spicy crunchy muesli in less than ten minutes. Simply enjoy it either plain with milk from your favourite cereal bowl or give your yogurt bowl an upgrade. Psst... You can also just eat it straight from the tray. The crispy apple pieces with the subtle note of cardamom and cinnamon are simply irresistible!


15. Energy balls for your perfect start to the day

Last but not least, here you will find two great recipe posts with different ideas about Easter and highlights for your brunch. Our tip: These recipes are delicious all year round!


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